The Essential Start Guide to Maine Aquaculture

Outlining the rich opportunities and the overlooked realities of starting an aquaculture business in the state of Maine.

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Becoming an Aquaculturist

In Maine, Aquaculturists are stewards of both local economies and ecologies. They inhabit a unique role in their communities — one that's not to be taken lightly. This guide will help you determine if sea farming is right for you. If you're looking for more general information about aquaculture in Maine, click the link below.

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01 – Do Your Research

Learn the basics of business planning, markets, species, gear types, and regulations to start a successful aquaculture business.

 Two white buoys float in a body of water. Black spray painted text reads, sea farm.

02 – Select Your Site

Key decisions must be explored before deciding on a site. The process is rigorous, mistakes can be costly, and poor planning can set you back years.

 A floating wooden building sits at the edge of a body of water. A long ramp down to the water stands nearby.

03 – Running Your Farm

Plan ahead — ensure seed and gear arrive in time for peak growing season. Keep detailed records of the location, density, and growth rates of your crops.

 A man crouches on a boat to inspect aquaculture gear.

04 – Running Your Business

Don't neglect the business side of running a sea farm. Consider insurance options, business structure, compliance with DMR rules, and employment.

 A calculator and tax forms are spread out on a tabletop.

05 – Selling Your Product

Crops reaching market size is a long-awaited reward! Planning & forecasting efforts culminate here, creating sales and profits for some and leaving others with product they can't sell.

 A display of seafood in a grocery store cooler.

What's Next

Looking for financial resources?

Whether you need funding to start your business, hire employees, or purchase new gear, finding the right financial resources can be confusing. We lay out the basics – the standard sources for aquaculture business funding as well as some industry-specific resources.

Explore Funding
 A long wooden dock leads out to a large body of water. People and equipment can be seen at the end of the dock.