State Regulatory & Legislative Updates

A running list of pending and recently approved regulatory and legislative changes from the Department of Marine Resources and Maine State Legislature.


Updated: 7/26/22

Maine Department of Marine Resources: Regulatory Changes

These are regulation updates for the Department of Marine Resources that specifically pertain to aquaculture. If you have questions about how these updates may affect your proposed or existing operations, please contact the Department of Marine Resources at [email protected] or 207-633-9594.

Recently Proposed Regulations:

  • None currently

Recently Adopted Regulations:

Maine State Legislation: Bills and Hearings

These are legislation updates from the Maine Legislature Committee On Marine Resources that specifically pertain to aquaculture. The Marine Resources Committee is located in room 206 of the Cross Building and is responsible for managing commercial marine fisheries, fish species, and aquaculture.

130th Maine State Legislature- Second Regular Session (2021-2022):

130th Maine State Legislature- First Regular Session (2020-2021):

129th Maine State Legislature (2019-2020):

For More Information

The updates presented here represent solely publicly available State of Maine regulatory and legislative information. To learn more about tracking legislative and regulatory changes at both the state and national level as well as industry lobbying opportunities, contact the Maine Aquaculture Association (MAA). Typically, MAA can provide the inside scoop about draft bills and regulations well before they're published. Email [email protected] or call 207-622-0136.

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