Aquaculture Harvest License Information

Answers basic questions on Maine DMR's Aquaculture Harvest Licnesces such as: Who should have it?, What is it? What does it cost?, What does this license allow you to do?, How do I apply?, and Who should I contact with questions?


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Aquaculture Harvest License

What department in the Maine DMR is in charge of this license?

DMR Aquaculture Division

Who should have it?

Any lease or LPA license holder who wants to sell their aquacultured shellfish.

What is it?

The Aquaculture Harvest License authorizes the holder and his/her authorized representatives to remove, possess, transport (within the state limits), or sell cultured organisms grown on the holder’s lease or LPA sites.

What does an Aquaculture Harvest License cost?


What does this license allow you to do?

  1. Sell your own harvested product in the “retail trade” either off your lease site (the sale of aquacultured shellfish is not permitted on LPA sites) or from your home (i.e. to the final consumer).
  • You can sell your aquacultured shellfish directly from an experimental or standard lease provided you adhere to the following:
    • Sales are for retail only.
    • The transaction takes place at the farm site (cannot sell off of farm site).
    • Must keep records of the date and number of pieces/pounds of shellfish landed for annual reporting to ME DMR.
    • Adhere to all Maine DMR Bureau of Public Health guidelines.
  • You can sell your aquacultured shellfish directly from your home in the retail trade. The sales must be to the final consumer (not for resale), and no delivery is allowed. You will need to record the date and number/pounds of shellfish sold and keep those records for 90 days. In Maine DMR Bureau of Public Health Vibrio areas, home sales are not allowed during the control months (more information on Vibrio areas here).
  1. Sell their own harvested product to a certified Wholesale License holder. (Wholesale license could be with or without lobsters but must have Shellfish Sanitation Certification).
  2. Sell their own harvested product to a Retail License holder WITH an Enhanced Retail Certificate.

How do I apply for an Aquaculture Harvest License?

You can print and fill out this form or use the DMR's online licensing and landings system, called LEEDS (Licensing Enforcement and Environmental Data System). You can use this to apply for a new license or renew a license.

Who should I contact with questions about the Aquaculture Harvest License?

You should contact the DMR Aquaculture Division at [email protected] or call the Licensing Division at 207-624-6550.

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