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Undergraduate Internship Opportunity

Maine Sea Grant Casco Bay Region, ME

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Maine Sea Grant is seeking an undergraduate student to support Aquaculture ME!: connecting aquaculture to Maine classrooms

Time Frame:

We anticipate up to 220 total hours. Work hours and hours/week are negotiable, between August and December, 2022.


$17.00/ hour


Casco Bay Region; mix of virtual and in-person; office space available as needed at Fort Andross, 14 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine.


Aquaculture ME! is a collaborative network providing educators the tools, resources, and cross-sector connections to advance aquaculture education in the classroom. It is focused on getting classroom teachers connected to the science and industry of aquaculture to create learning that is place-based and focused on local organisms. The network engages educators and administrators from over 25 middle and high schools, as well as aquaculture businesses, research institutions, and educational and environmental organizations. This project also serves as a framework for sea farmers to engage in building aquaculture literacy in their communities and advancing social license for the industry.

As aquaculture in Maine develops, learning about aquaculture in the classroom empowers students to be the experts in their homes and communities, and builds career awareness which is critically important to the future of aquaculture in Maine. Many of the network's educators recognize the benefits that aquaculture programming can provide to their students, but need additional technical and logistical support to design, implement, and maintain these projects. To address this need and directly reach students in the classroom, this undergraduate student intern, advised by industry partners, will provide direct in-person and virtual technical support to educators and students. This will help strengthen teacher and student connections to higher education and advanced aquaculture applications, allowing K-12 students the opportunity to not only learn technical skills but also envision higher education pathways in aquaculture. This opportunity also serves as a professional development opportunity for the intern to build science and technical communication skills, while learning and applying best practices for environmental education


The student Intern would be involved in a variety of tasks, including researching and developing an Aquaculture Tank Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Learning Modules, planning, development and implementation of a Teacher Professional Development Day, and as well as providing technical support to teachers as needed (depending on alignment with the school academic year). Specific tasks may include:

Classroom Aquaculture Aquarium Tank Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Learning Modules

● Update tank equipment list, pricing, sources to borrow or purchase items

● Research and develop an Aquatic Tank SOP

● Inventory existing training opportunities and other resources

● Co-develop learning modules with staff and industry

● Develop strategies for connecting with existing schools; expanding the program.

Teacher Professional Development and Support

● Support the planning, development and implementation of a Teacher Professional Development Day

● Summarize needs and priorities based on focus group conversations

● Enhance Teacher Resource Hub - research and organize online resources

● Provide technical and educational support to teachers as needed for classroom/field implementation

Training opportunities and professional development:

● Work closely with Maine Sea Grant staff, participating teachers, and partner organizations, learning first-hand about their respective missions and how partnerships work

● Work with on STEM educational efforts relevant to vitality and growth of Maine’s aquaculture industry.

● Gain practical experience in setting up aquaculture tanks, researching and writing a Standard Operating Procedure

● Build a network of educators, industry and other professionals

Partner leaders:

Jaclyn Robidoux, Maine Sea Grant Extension Associate; Keri Kaczor, Maine Sea Grant Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development Program Manager.

Application process:

Please send any inquiries and/or your resume/CV including 2 references to Jaclyn [email protected] and [email protected] .