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Farm Manager

Muscongus Bay Aquaculture Edgecomb, ME: The Damariscotta River



Muscongus Bay Aquaculture (MBAq) is one of Maine’s largest producers of oysters. The company is growing sustainably, with new leases, techniques, and innovative growing methods. We are looking for a candidate to manage and help oversee the growth of the farm in the years to come.

General Responsibility Statement:

Reporting directly to the General Manager, the Farm Manager is responsible for ensuring employee safety, and health, growth, quality, and consumer safety of our shellfish, from time seed arrives, until shellfish are harvested and handed off for packing and shipping.

A successful Farm Manager should be able to lead and motivate Farm Crew in a production environment, and should be comfortable with, and effective at, delegating to their crew, and collaborating with other managers, including outside of their department.