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Mussel Sorter/Final Inspection (Part time)

Hollander and de Koning Trenton, ME



Our company is growing mussels and oyster from seed to market and sells straight into the network of high-end distributors and one local supermarket. This ensures that we maintain control of the quality of our food product for as long as possible along the cold chain distribution. Customers need to taste the quality of Maine grown seafood when it reaches their plate.


As the last inspection of the product before it goes into the bag, this job is one of the most important, and as such is paid as well as any other on our team. You hold the quality of our company brand in your hands every day you work. Your skills and attention to detail protect us all in the marketplace and ensure a satisfied customer.


  • Working safely and respecting one another al all times.
  • Following directions from the crew supervisor and operations manager.
  • To ask for help or support if you need it.
  • To try hard to improve your skills at selecting out products following the criteria provided to you in training. It takes practice and your will improve your performance quite fast.
  • To understand and commit to the fact that this is a team effort, and we are all done when the order is filled.
  • Helping at the end of the day to clean and tidy up.
  • You will be provided with work gloves. It is your responsibility to take them home each day and launder them. 
  • Clean gloves must be used every day. Overall attention to cleanliness and hygiene.


  • Ability to stand and work for several hours at a time. 
  • Good hand to eye coordination and an eye for detail.
  • Positive and helpful disposition. ​


  • Starting wage of $25/Hour 
  • 5 days earned paid personal day per year.
  • 20 Hours/week guaranteed minimum.
  • Year round.