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Saltwater Marine Technician

Cooke Aquaculture USA Machiasport, Maine



Position Title: Saltwater Technician
Department: Saltwater

Reports to: Site Manager

Main Functions:

  • Ensuring the physical security of the fish stock and all equipment.
  • Maintaining optimum fish health
  • Ensuring good feeding, growth, and performance of fish stock


  • Feeding:
    • Ensure that fish our adequately and appropriately fed, according to the feeding SOP. This includes detailed monitoring of the daily feeding results
    • Routinely monitor feed quality and address any issues with the Site Manager
  • Fish Health:
    • Report fish health problems
    • Follow the Company’s Bio-security policy.
    • Follow the Company’s SOP for Fish Health.
  • Safety:
    • Bring any safety issues to the attention of the Site Manager
    • Wear a PFD at all times.
    • Properly use and operate site equipment
    • Ensure any chemicals used on-site, including therapeutants, are used according to manufacturer’s specifications
    • Ensure all safety equipment is in good working order and stored in their proper place
  • Site Maintenance:
    o Ensure fish and equipment are secure at all times
    o Maintain boat and equipment
    o Assist with net changes as required
    o General site maintenance as required
  • Predator Control:
    • Take all necessary steps to prevent predator (seals, birds, etc.) from causing harm or damage to fish/equipment
    • Report any incidents immediately
  • Harvesting
    • Assist with harvesting as required

Working Conditions:

  • Outside marine environment
  • Shift work
  • Working with outboards, boats & other marine equipment

Employment Requirements:

  • Ability to lift a minimum of 25 KG

To Apply:

Email [email protected]