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Ocean Acidification Graduate Research Fellowship

Downeast Institute Beals, Maine



Downeast Institute's 2023 Fellowship offers graduate students the opportunity to develop research skills by participating in a full-scale research project at a world-class ocean acidification experimental facility. Downeast lnstitute's Ocean Acidification (OA) Lab is designed to study impacts of global environmental changes on marine organisms, focusing on full factorial ocean acidification and warming experiments. The project aims to improve resilience of blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) larvae to ocean acidification stress in a commercial hatchery scenario.

Duration and Location

  • The DEI Fellowship is a 13-week residential experience at the Downeast Institute (DEI) in Beals, Maine.
  • In 2023, we are offering Fellowships for two individuals. The first Fellowship period begins on March 1st and the second on September 11.
  • DEI Fellows are expected to spend the entire 13-week period at DEI.


  • DEI Fellows receive a stipend of $8,650 for the 13-week period.
  • The stipend is paid as follows:
    • 1/3 upon arrival at DEI
    • 1/3 at 7 weeks
    • 1/3 at the conclusion of the Fellowship


  • DEI Fellows stay in Evelyn Hall, DEI's on-campus dorm.
  • Each DEI Fellow is awarded a private dorm room with two beds.
  • The cost of this room ($1350) is paid for as part of the fellowship.
  • Significant others are welcome to visit or stay during the fellowship.


  • DEI Fellows must be enrolled in a graduate program (MS or PhD) at an accredited university.


  • If the DEI Fellow's advisor would like to visit our campus, they will receive a $2000 stipend to cover travel expenses and up to two nights in Evelyn Hall.

To Apply

Send your resume and a narrative of up to two pages describing your interests in ocean acidification research to Dr. Robert Holmberg ([email protected]).