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Aquaculture Summer Industry/Non-profit Externship Program

UMaine Aquaculture Research Institute TBD



The Aquaculture Research Institute’s summer externship is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to get hands on aquaculture experience working as employees of industry and non-profit partners in Maine’s aquaculture industry. The 12-week externship is paid through UMaine for 40 hours/week. Externs are expected to complete a project identified by the host institution and present the results at the end of the summer at an aquaculture symposium. Externs also participate in communications training, professional development, and receive mentoring from ARI’s Internship Coordinator. Students outside UMaine can apply but must be enrolled at their home institution for the fall semester.

Who Should Apply?

Rising juniors and seniors currently enrolled in a 4-year accredited college/university or 2-year community college with an interest in developing interdisciplinary skills within the aquaculture sector and its diverse career pathways. Students must be a US citizen or permanent resident. Indigenous students and underrepresented minority students are strongly encouraged to apply.

Contact [email protected] for more information

  • May 22: Summer Externship Start Date
  • Aug 10. Aquaculture Research Symposium
  • Aug 11. Summer Externship End Date

Externship will include activities such as field trips to aquaculture facilities, communications workshop, and a final public presentation at the Aquaculture Research Symposium.

Salary and Credits

  • Salary: $15/hr
  • Credits: We will work with non-UMaine institutions to facilitate credit transfer if needed
  • Housing is available for a fee at the Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research, University of Maine at Machias, the Darling Marine Center and the UMaine Orono Campus and University of Southern Maine.

How to Apply:

Deadline: February 1st

When you click on the “Apply to Be an Extern” link at the bottom, be prepared with the following: 

  • Please tell us about any leadership experiences you have had (in a student group, sport, outdoors, in a job, etc).
  • Please tell us about your experience working as part of a team.

To complete your Application Package, you will be prompted to upload the following documents as a .PDF, .doc, or Google doc.

A. Cover Letter

B. Resume

C. Un-official Undergraduate Transcripts

D. Names of two references

E. Personal Statement: This can either be a video statement (<5 minutes) or a written statement (~500 words). Within your statement please answer the following:

Make sure your cover letter/video and resume are tailored for this specific externship experience. These materials are used to help make the best matches to extern hosts; 

Do not discount non-academic job experiences! Many non-academic jobs allow you to develop skills sets that are extremely important for the externship. e.g. customer service, team work, managing teams, organizational skills, communication skills, etc

Your cover letter/video is an opportunity to tell the selection committee more about you and your interests. Focus on the skills you bring to this externship and the skills you want to develop.  In addition, highlight your career aspirations.  

Resources to aid in application completion:
UMaine Career Center Resume Guide

UMaine Career Center Content for Cover Letters

UMaine Career Center – UMaine students can schedule in-person meetings to help with cover letters and resumes