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Oyster Farmer - 1 (entry level position)

Mook Sea Farm Walpole, ME

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The Oyster Farmer 1 job is our entry-level position for employees farming our oysters. Employees should be comfortable working as a part of a team both in the packing plant and out on the river in all weather conditions. Oyster Farm Workers are supervised by the River Leadership Team. The leadership team currently consists of our Plant Manager, Assistant Plant Manager, River Forewoman, and our Gear Manager. The employee in this role should be able to effectively follow directions. This position exposes employees to an array of duties on the farm, from harvesting, cleaning, sorting, and packing oysters to seed handling, biofouling control, as well as raising and sinking gear. Most of the jobs on the farm are physically demanding; there should be no aversion to manual labor.

Primary Responsibilities:

This position offers the opportunity to learn and practice skills that are required for our aquaculture farm’s success. Employees are not expected to come into the job with any previous aquaculture experience but are expected to learn those skills effectively and in a timely manner. They should be able to follow directions from their supervisors and work at a reasonable pace and in a cooperative manner toward our staffs’ collective goals.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Sort, wash and pack oysters in fulfillment of orders per the direction of the Plant Manager.
  • Accurately measure and fill seed into our harvest bags and deploy them at our river leases.
  • Harvest market-size oysters and restock inventory per the direction of the River Leadership Team.
  • Carry out biofouling management plan by flipping cages per the direction of the River Leadership Team.
  • Raise and sink gear in accordance with our overwintering plan.
  • Aid in repairing gear as needed both on land and on water.
  • Uphold sanitation and safety regulations within the packing plant and on the water while working on our river leases.
  • Take direction from supervisors and give a solid effort as a member of our team.
  • Take accountability for actions and work to follow through on Mook Sea Farm’s efforts.
  • Improve on initial efficiencies.
  • Be available and flexible for work outside of 8 hours or 5 days a week
  • Maintain a clean/organized locker space.
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Comply with all Mook Sea Farm standards and policies.