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Chief Operating Officer

Atlantic Sea Farms Biddeford, ME



Atlantic Sea Farms (ASF) is a brand with a robust social and environmental mission and ambitious growth goals. We are building an entirely new food category in the US and are dedicated to building a supply chain with integrity - one that helps our coastal communities adapt to, and mitigate some of the effects of climate change. The COO position will be the first of its kind at ASF and will be responsible for overseeing and managing operations at our new, expanded, first-of-its-kind facility in Biddeford, Maine. Responsibilities will also include coordinating our vertically integrated teams to increase efficiencies, lower COGS, streamline harvest and logistics operations, and help us amplify our impact along the coast through strategic and mission-focused growth. This position will require someone who has excellent problem-solving skills, is creative and adaptable, has strong attention to detail, is optimistic and dedicated, and is willing and able to dive deep into operational challenges to improve systems. This is a full-time, year-round position reporting to the CEO.

Essential Duties:

  • Oversee, coordinate, and manage operations and equipment at new ASF facility in Biddeford
  • Manage, empower, and coordinate food production, food safety, continuous improvement and sustainability, logistics, procurement, harvest, and all other operations staff
  • Spearhead work with operations team to help lower COGS, improve efficiencies, and exceed production forecasts
  • Provide support, guidance, and strategic improvements to harvest and seeding operations
  • Design and implement systems to help staff continue to create and achieve their strategic operational goals
  • Oversee, in connection with the fractional CFO and CEO, financial operations at ASF
  • Support and guide operations staff to achieve sustainability goals and create important sustainability metrics ● Regularly create, and report on, key progress and metrics to ASF BOD
  • Work daily and directly with CEO and BOD to address and solve operational challenges as needed
  • Improve and oversee the management of procurement, inventory, and sales tracking systems - and all other technology systems - to ensure real-time accuracy and tracking
  • Manage insurance, compliance, human resources, and personnel systems
  • Clearly understand and communicate economic and environmental impacts and ensure that our mission remains at the core of all operations at all times
  • Oversee and manage, in connections with key staff, our required certifications (SQF, non-GMO, organic, B Corp, etc.)
  • Collaborate effectively with all teams across the vertically integrated company to ensure a high-performing, high-morale workplace - including our Sales/Marketing and Supply teams that will continue to be directly managed by the CEO
  • Willingness to travel extensively within Maine’s coast
  • Other duties as required


  • Must possess a strong working knowledge of manufacturing and/or infrastructure management (experience in food operations is highly desirable)
  • A strong connection to - and understanding of - food systems and supply chains
  • Ambitious and relentless focus on meeting and exceeding team goals in order to amplify our positive impact
  • Excellent management and people skills - at least seven years of management experience required
  • Proven problem-solving ability and self-starting mindset
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Outgoing, positive attitude
  • Willingness to work in a constantly changing startup environment
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong attention to detail and background in high-level management of budgets and systems
  • Willingness to get dirty, work long and repetitive hours during harvest season, and be dig in where needed - no matter how menial the task may seem
  • Working knowledge of equipment and facilities - and ability to identify and fix high-level mechanical problems is desired
  • Strategic and long-term thinking
  • Patience, a sense of humor, and a sense of humility and optimism


5+ years of experience in operations management required.


This position would be paid an annual base salary, have access to the company’s health benefits package, paid vacation, and a significant bonus structure based on individual and team performance


To inquire, please email Briana Warner, [email protected]