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2022 Oyster Farm Tour Guide

Glidden Point Oyster Farms Edgecomb, ME



Glidden Point is looking to hire summer tour guides to lead our farm tours for the 2022 season, which begins in May and runs through October. If you are a student, then the position would run from June-August.

Our tour guides will be tasked with teaching our guests about the oyster industry, and our farm process in small groups of ~14 people. This is an integral part of our operation, and a component we are all compassionate about here at Glidden. Few things are more fulfilling than getting to literally point where the food on one’s plate came from, and getting to explain how it got there. This is an immersive, collaborative environment where you can see firsthand how oysters move from the river through the supply-chain.

To create this environment, we are looking for personable individuals that will build lasting impressions on the people that visit. A person who is patient, and excited to share about what makes Maine oysters so special. Some folks have never tried an oyster, while others may be fellow farmers. Whoever we interact with, we strive to make them feel as comfortable as they would shucking in their own backyard all while having a good time. That being said, we don’t expect to hire an oyster expert right off the bat. Instead, we encourage people to expand their knowledge while working here. The crew on the farm is always open to questions and the customers will continually be testing your knowledge as an oyster person! You’ll also have the chance to hop on the farm and get out on the river for some hands-on experience.

This is a great opportunity to build leadership and communication skills, as well as deepening your knowledge of the local ecology and aquaculture industry. This is a paid position. Additionally, if desired, educational credit can be awarded if eligible.